Our world is complex and culturally fluid. Interacting across borders is now a necessity and you need a team who understands both sides – legally and culturally. We are an integrated group of attorneys specializing in business, immigration, real estate, and tax law. Our team’s unique domestic and international backgrounds allow us to traverse the barriers of complication that impede finding the best solutions.

Diverse In clientele, in issue area, in experience.

We pride ourselves on our diversity. The diversity of clientele we serve, from individuals to businesses, both large and small. The diversity of issue areas in which we have expertise, from real estate law, to immigration law, to tax law, to business law. And lastly, the diversity of experiences we’ve had, which allow us to give the most effective and comprehensive service.

Nimble In culture, in issue area, in size.

We are not exclusively an immigration or real estate or tax firm. Our diverse expertise allows for nimble service that addresses all aspects of a problem and isn’t limited to a single legal area. Our agility is predicated on our culturally bilingual background and our consolidated size, which means that bureaucracy will never impede your cases because you are being served by the partners.

Integrated In culture, in solutions, in perspective.

Our cross cultural fluency gives us an edge in understanding and working more efficiently and effectively with both domestic and international clients. It’s also given us a new perspective that brings an advantage to our practice. By not segmenting issue areas, we’ve been able to integrate services to serve clients from a more holistic and ultimately effective perspective.